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Jackie McDowell, ‘ Deer Park Farms: An Early Medieval Settlement Revisited (Parts 1-3) Deer Park Farms, excavations in Co Antrim took place 30 years ago and a report was published in 2011. The exploration revealed a residential sequence dating from the late 7 th to c.11th century. The site evolving from a ring-ditch to ringfort to raised rath. The exceptionally well-preserved occupation layers provided remarkable insights into living conditions on the site and the construction of Early medieval domestic buildings. Jackie McDowell disclosed that although the excavations took place some 30 years ago, the comprehensive nature of the work and post-excavation analysis ensure that the site is still relevant to current research. These are the photos that Jackie included to illustrate this very interesting talk to the SFC on April 29 th 2016 Copyright Department for Communities, Northern Ireland. Anyone wishing to purchase the publication, Deer Park Farms, The excavation of a raised rath in the Glenarm valley, Co Antrim’, C.J. Lynn and J.A McDowell can contact
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