Built   in   1730,   by   architect   Richard   Castle   for   Owen Wynne,   this      exquisite,   but   progressively   brutalised   house superbly   located      in   mature   woodland   on   the   banks   of   the Garavoge   River,   is   one      of   County   Sligo's   most   neglected treasures. It   is   a   splendid   and      imposing   example   of   the Palladian-style.      In      spite      of      abject            neglect      and inappropriate   alteration,   it   is   testimony   to   the      quality   of the building that it has survived relatively intact. An      abundance   of   fine   stonework   attests         to   the   high quality      craftsmanship   employed   in   its      construction   and pays   tribute   to      those   whose   vision   was   responsible      for   its conception.     In     addition     to          its     very     high     quality architectural      value   the   house   is   important   both      socially and historically.
Hazelwood House
The Wynne Family of Hazelwood House  The   Wynne   family   established   themselves   in   Sligo   in   the   latter half   of   the   17th   century.   They   went   on   to   become   one   of   the   most dominant   forces   in   political   and   economic   life   of   Sligo   for   the   next two   centuries.
 House History & Architecture             The Wynne Family
The Hazelwood Heritage Society  has   for   many   years   worked,   and   will   continue   to   do   so   to   achieve   recognition   for     Hazelwood   House,   highlighting   the   importance   of   Hazelwood   as   a   part   of   our   built heritage   in   the   North   West .   Please   Visit   Their   Website
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