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2016 Sligo Field lub Events
Sunday 19th August,
Monasteraden, Neighbourhood Tour. PJ O'Neill will escort the group around the sites of St Attracta's Well, Clougher Stone Fort, Carrowntemple telling you their history and stories and their significance to the local area and people
Tuesday 21st August,
Evening Tour Gleniff Mining Valley. Gerry Foley leads a tour of Gleniff mining valley inc. old Gleniff Barytes Mill site.Small dam and larger one up stream on the Ballintrillick river. Drive to Gore Booth, mine and Barton aerial tramway and miners accommodation.
Friday 24th August,
The Rambling House. “Come listen to Joe Mc Gowan recount the days of the ‘rambling house’   It was here that local news was exchanged, ghost and fairy stories told and the old lore passed on before the arrival of ‘mass media’.  The door was always open or at least unlocked. Everyone felt welcome and a visitor never had to knock: they just walked in.
Sunday 26th August,
Sligo's forgotten Castle - Doonfore. Visit to explore Sligo's forgotten Doonfore Castle. Constructed by the O'Harte family and enhanced by Francis Gore, the first of the Gores to settle in North Sligo.
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Further Details
Further Details
Further Details
Monasteraden, Neighbourhood Tour. 19 August, 2:30pm - 4:30pm Meet : Drury’s Pub, Monasteraden, Co. Sligo Monasteraden is a village in County Sligo, Ireland. The village is located on the shores of Lough Gara. St Aiden's church is the village's church. Other sights include Lough Gara Lodge, Slí na Croí's Roundhouse Ecolodge, Drury's pub and the general store. There is a holy well called St Attracta's and that is where many people used to get their drinking water The lake is used for fishing and is divided by the bridge at Clooncunny.
Evening Tour Gleniff Mining Valley 21 August, 6pm - 8pm Meet : Old Gleniff Barytes Mill Site. Co. Sligo Not included mountain mines visit. Tracing the historical aspects of the Gleniff Valley mining heritage. Gleniff Mill examining its foundations,talk on its history and operation. Visiting a small and larger dam on the river.Concrete plinths in the river that supported a railway line (Gleniff and Mullaghmore mineral) line will be highlighted.Drive to Gore Booth mine/Barton aerial tramway and miner’s accommodation. Pilot Mill, Barium Consolidated gravity operated mountain rail indicted. Carpooling and careful parking needed.
The Rambling House 24 August, 8pm-10pm Meet : IT Sligo Education Centre, Sligo Here was their paper, a living warp and weft spun of their own thoughts, fancies and doings.  Now and again a biting turn of phrase, for in their nature was the old Gaelic satire… there was a love of discussion and argument that would take up a subject casually without belief and in a searching way develop it… Deferential to a stranger, they evoked in themselves a sympathetic mood, changing gears in conversation to suit his beliefs and half believing then through sympathy whilst he was present.”  (Ernie O’Malley)
Sligo's Forgotten Castle - Doonfore 26 August, 3pm - 5pm  Meet :  Sligo Field Club Meet at Dunleavy's Shop, Maugherow, Co. Sligo Leo Leydon will explore Sligo's forgotten Doonfore Castle. Constructed by the O'Harte family and enhanced by Francis Gore, the first of the Gores to settle in North Sligo. Event includes a visit to Robert Gore-Booth's '5 mile avenue', constructed to impress his second bride. Email Leo for further details
All SFC Heritage Week events are FREE to Members and Non-Members.            Pre-booking is NOT required. For further details email
Heritage   Week   will   take   place   from   18-26   August   2018   is   a   highlight   of   Ireland’s   celebration   of   the   European   Year   of   Cultural   Heritage. This   initiative   by   the   European   Commission   and   coordinated   in   Ireland   by   the   Heritage   Council   aims   to   involve   all   citizens   in   events   that help to deepen the connection between people and heritage. We   are   exploring   this   theme   by   asking   you   to   'Share   A   Story,   Make   A   Connection'.   It   is   your   chance   to   share   heritage   stories   in   new ways,   with   new   people.   Everyone   from   young   people   to   new   arrivals   to   Ireland   to   retired   people   can   get   involved   and   share   your   stories. We want everyone to have the chance to connect with their heritage; to enjoy, appreciate and share it.