On Weds   25th   Jan   the   Sligo   Field   Club   launched   their   second   volume   of   its   Journal,   held at   Liber   Bookshop,   Sligo.   Wendy   Lyons,   SFC   President   introduced   Sligo   based   author,   Brian Leyden,   who   gave   an   eloquent   and   entertaining   introduction   to   the   new   book,   detailing   and referencing the diverse articles contained within. The   many   authors   were   thanked   for   their   contributions   which   resulted   in   such   a range of varied and interesting articles. Special   thanks   were   given   to   Jim   Foran,   the   Journal’s   editor,   for   his   tremendous   work in the production of the book ably assisted by Martin Timoney. After   Brian’s   formal   launch,   the   evening   continued   with   photos   of   the   participants,   which   can be   seen   above,   and   an   opportunity   for   those   present   who   included   many   SFC   members   as well   as   Sligo   Councillors   and   the   general   public,   to   mingle   and   discuss   the   publication,   as   well partake of light refreshments………. and of course purchase a copy of the Journal. All   were   sure   that   this   second   volume   from   the   Sligo   Field   Club   will   prove   as   successful   as   its predecessor and will also add to the wealth of knowledge of Sligo. Paul J Allen
Sligo Field Club 2016 Vol 2 Journal Now Available - 18 Articles Only €20
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2015 Journal Vol 1
 (below) Brian Leyden who launched the SFC’s new journal with Editor Jim Foran (left) and Martin Timoney (sub  editor) at the Friday evening launch. 
2016 Launch Photos
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Sligo Field Club Launch New Journal
Sligo Field Club 2017 Vol 3 Journal Now Available - 11 Articles Only €15