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Date : 8pm Friday Feb 23rd Lecturer : Michael Farry Title : Sligo 1918: The Young People Have Triumphed Over Their Elders
Venue for all lectures :    8pm Sligo Institute of Technology Education Centre, IT Sligo Campus All are welcome - Non-members €5 donation entry
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Due to unforeseen circumstances the SFC speaker for February's lecture, Lynda McCormack,  is unable to present her talk, ‘The Arrangement of Space in the Irish Passage  Tomb Tradition: Monuments in the West and East’. However, we are pleased to announce that our October speaker, Michael Farry, has very kindly agreed to give his lecture this month and we are indebted to him for his assistance in this respect. Lynda's talk has been deferred to October.
Sligo 1918: “The Young People Have Triumphed Over Their Elders” The   December   1918   election   was   a   historic   election,   especially   in   Ireland   where   it resulted   in   the   replacement   of   the   Irish   Parliamentary   Party   by   Sinn   Féin.   It   was   the first     contested     parliamentary     election     in     either     of     the     two     County     Sligo parliamentary constituencies since 1895. How    did    the    election    campaign    proceed    in    County    Sligo,    a    county    which    had previously   proved   itself   so   loyal   to   Redmond’s   Party?   How   were   candidates   chosen and   campaigns   conducted?   Was   intimidation   a   factor?   What   was   the   importance   of the    extension    of    the    franchise    to    almost    universal    suffrage    including    votes    for women?   The   four   main   players,   the   two   outgoing   Irish   Party   MPs   and   the   two   new Sinn   Féin   MPs   are   forgotten   figures   now.   Why?   Was   the   large   Sligo   Protestant minority which had actively campaigned against Home Rule in 1912-13 a factor?
Michael Farry Michael   Farry   was   born   in   Coolaney,   County   Sligo   late   in   the   last   millennium.   He   is   a   retired primary teacher living in Trim, Co. Meath. He writes history and poetry. He   published   Killoran   and   Coolaney:   A   Local   History   in   1985   and   Sligo   1914-1921:   A   Chronicle   of Conflict in 1992. He   researched   the   civil   war   in   Co.   Sligo   as   a   doctoral   thesis   in   Trinity   College,   Dublin   1995- 1999. This was published by UCD Press in 2000 as The Aftermath of Revolution - Sligo 1921-23. Four   Courts   Press   published   his   Sligo:   The   Irish   Revolution,   1912–23   in   2012   as   the   first   volume   of their series of county histories of the Irish Revolution. His   chapter   on   the   Sligo   experience   of   the   Irish   Revolution   is   included   in   Cork   University   Press's   monumental Atlas of the Irish Revolution, edited by John Crowley, Donal O Drisceoil and Mike Murphy, published in 2017. His   first   poetry   collection   Asking   for   Directions   was   published   by   Doghouse   Books   in   2012   and   his   second,   The Age of Glass, was published by Revival Press, Limerick, in 2017.