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Date : 8pm Friday Jan 26th Lecturer : Aidan O’Hara Title : The Remarkable Colums
Venue for all lectures :    8pm Sligo Institute of Technology Education Centre, IT Sligo Campus All are welcome - Non-members €5 donation entry
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Padraic   Colum   (1881-1972)   was   born   in   Longford   and   had a   long   and   productive   life   as   a   poet,   essayist,   editor,   children’s writer,   folklorist,   biographer   and   playwright.   In   1912,   he   married Mary   Catherine   Gunning   Maguire,   born   in   Collooney,   Co.   Sligo, and   spent   much   of   her   early   life   in   Ballisodare.   While   she   was   a student   of   modern   languages   in   UCD,   1902-06,   she   started   a   club called   the   Twilight   Literary   Society   of   which   she   was   president, and    in    1911    was    critic-in-chief    of    The    Irish    Literary    Review which she helped establish along with Padraic. They    were    both    activists    not    only    in    the    Irish    Literary Revival,   but   also   in   the   national   movement   for   independence. Their    friends    and    colleagues    were    leading    figures    in    both movements,    and    included    W.    B.    Yeats,    Lady    Gregory,    J.    M. Synge,   ‘AE’   George   Russell,   Roger   Casement,   Pádraig   Pearse, Thomas    MacDonagh,    and    Joseph    M.    Plunkett.   Another    friend was    James    Joyce    who    enjoyed    their    support    and    friendship throughout his life. Padraic   was   a   member   of   the   Irish   Volunteers,   and   Mary, along   with   Louise   Gavan   Duffy   and   Jenny   Wyse   Power,   was   on the   founding   committee   of   Cumann   na   mBan.   In   the   autumn   of 1914,   Mary   and   Padraic   went   on   a   holiday   to   the   United   States, and   on   their   arrival,   were   surprised   to   find   themselves   fêted   by scholars   and   writers   in   the   literary   scene.   World   War   1   made return   home   a   dangerous   prospect,   and   as   they   became   more   and more   engaged   in   the   literary   scene,   American   eventually   became their home. Padraic   wrote   scores   of   books   and   articles   and   played   a leading   role   in   promoting   Irish   culture   and   literature   in   the   United States.   Yeats   had   advised   Mary   that   her   great   strength   lay   in   her expertise   in   literary   review   and   criticism,   and   in   November   1931, the   American   publication,   The   English   Journal,   acclaimed   Mary Colum   as   “the   most   brilliant   of   our   women   critics   and   one   of   the most scholarly and far-reaching critics in the [United States]”.
Seventy   years   ago,   Macmillan   published   her   autobiography,   Life   and   the   Dream,   described   by   one   noted   academic   authority   as   “one   of   the   most   forthright   and powerful   proto-feminist   autobiographies   of   the   twentieth   century”.   American   playwright   Eugene   O’Neill   said   she   was   “one   of   the   true   critics   of   literature   writing   in English”; and the noted American poet, writer, and editor, William Rose Benét said that she was “the best woman critic in America. There’s no one in her class.”
Aidan O'Hara  County   Donegal-born   award-winning   writer   and   broadcaster,   Aidan   O'Hara,   has   worked   as   a   presenter   and producer   with   RTÉ   and   CBC   (Canadian   Broadcasting   Corporation).      He   is   a   graduate   of   St   Mary’s   College   (now Marino   Institute   of   Education,   Dublin,   Ireland),   and   pursued   post-graduate   studies   at   University   of   Ottawa   and Memorial    University    of    Newfoundland    in    Canada.    He    has    taught    Media    Studies    and    Communications    at    the Communications   Centre,   Booterstown,   Dublin   City   University,   and   the   Tallaght   Institute   of   Technology.   Through   his company, Ashton   Media   Services,   he   has   taught   communication   skills   to   school   leavers,   and   people   in   the   professions, business,   politics   and   church   leaders,   as   well.   Today, Aidan   is   engaged   in   writing   full-time,   and   gives   presentations   to history   and   community   groups   throughout   Ireland   and   abroad.   He   stays   in   touch   with   broadcasting   through   his occasional contributions to RTÉ Radio 1, TG4 and Raidió na Gaeltachta. He   presented   three   acclaimed   Radharc   Film   documentaries   on   the   Irish   of   Newfoundland   on   RTÉ   1   in   the 1980s   –   one   of   them   the   award-winning,   The   Forgotten   Irish   –   and   he   has   been   a   contributor   and   consultant   in   several TV   series.   His   “The   Irish   in   Newfoundland”   was   published   in   The   Emigrant   Experience   –   with   Professor   Gearóid   Ó Tuathaigh, Michael D. Higgins, et al – Journal of the Galway Labour History Group, 1991.
His   biography   of   the   famous   singer,   Delia   Murphy   (1902-71),   I’ll   live   'til   I   die   -   the   story   of   Delia   Murphy,   was   published   in   1997   and   was   the   featured   book   on RTÉ’s   Book   on   One   in   May   2005. Aidan’s   story   of   the   Irish   in   Newfoundland,   Na   Gaeil   i   dTalamh   an   Éisc,   was   published   in   1998.   It   won   the   Oireachtas   '97   literary award for a work in prose, and was nominated for The Irish Times Literature Prize in 1999.  Aidan’s   essay,   ‘Emigration   from   County   Longford’   was   published   in   Longford   –   History   and   Society   (Geography   Publications,   December   2010).   His Atlantic Gaels   –Links   Between   Donegal   and   the   Hebrides,   was   published   by   The   Islands   Book   Trust,   Stornoway,   Isle   of   Lewis,   Scotland,   June   2013.   He   has   written   several articles   on   the   Irish   in   the   era   of   the   American   Civil   War   1861-65,   and   his   essay   on   Judge   Charles   Patrick   Daly   (1816-99)   was   published   in   April   2017   in   Fighting Irish   in   the   American   Civil   War   and   the   Invasion   of   Mexico   (McFarland’s   in   the   United   States,   editors,   Dr.   David   Noel   Doyle   and   Dr.   Arthur   Mitchell.)   He   has   just completed a first draft of a major book on the Irish in the era of the American Civil War His   salute   to   his   friend,   Con   Howard   was   published   in   Memories   of   Con   Howard,   February   2012   by   Hot   Press   Books,   with   contributions   also   from   –   among others   –   Seamus   Heaney,   Maeve   Binchy,   Sean   Donlon,   John   Banville   and   Ulick   O’Connor.   He   writes   regularly   for   several   journals   and   magazines   as   a   book   reviewer and   writer   on   historical   subjects.   Also   in   2012,   he   contributed   two   items   of   reminiscences   to   Ireland:   The   Dawning   of   the   Day   (Active   IT   Society,   Dublin).   He contributed to An Irishman’s Diary in the Irish Times a number of times, the latest on 7 November 2017 on Mary M. Colum. Aidan   is   a   historian   with   a   special   interest   in   the   Irish   emigration   experience.   He   is   an   active   member   of   the   Co.   Longford   Historical   Society   and   the   Co. Donegal   Historical   Society   and   writes   for   the   journals   of   both   societies.   He   has   written   for   Irish   Music   Magazine   for   over   20   years,   and   contributes   articles   on   history subjects   to   journals   and   newspapers   around   the   country.   Aidan   is   Chairman   of   the   Emmet   and   Devlin   Committee,   and   co-founder   of   the   Association   of   Canadian Studies   in   Ireland.   He   is   Chair   of   Cumann   Ceoil   Chonmhaicne,   established August   2016   to   give   the   public   access   to   the   historical   manuscripts,   field   recordings   and commercial   recordings   of   Longford   and   Leitrim   musicians.   He   is   a   founding   member   of   the   Colum   Gathering   -   Cruinniú   Colum,   whose   first   get-together   was   held   in Longford, 8-9 September 2017, and which will be an annual event, celebrating the life and work of Padraic Colum.