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SFC 2018 Lectures & Events Programme              Venue for all lectures :    8pm Sligo Institute of Technology Education Centre, IT Sligo Campus Jan 26th   Aidan O'Hara The Remarkable Colums Feb 9th AGM Feb 23rd Michael Farry Sligo 1918: The Young People Have Triumphed Over Their Elders Mar 23rd  Anne Chambers From Westport to the West Indies - The Life of Howe Peter Browne  2nd Marquess of Sligo, 1788-1845                                                      Apr 27th Fiona Gallagher William Bourke Cockran                                                               May 25th James O’Neill Tyrone's Rebellion, the War in the West: Curlew Pass & Beyond Jun 13th Martin Timoney Outing : Creevylea Abbey    Jul 11th Tamlyn McHugh Outing : Sligo Gaol Aug 18-26th Heritage Week (Events TBA) Sep 28th Maeve Sikora Antiquities From Co. Sligo in the National Museum Oct 6-7th 2018 Conference Urban Development in 19th Century Sligo                                                                                                                                                                                        Oct 26th Lynda McCormack The Arrangement of Space in the Irish Passage Tomb Tradition: Monuments in the West and East                                                                                                          Nov 30th Cian Harte Sligo World War Soldiers Who Played for Sligo Rovers                                                                                                                Dec 14th Pat O’Brien From Selected to Elected Administration: From Grand Jury to Sligo  County Council
W. Bourke Cockran  - ‘The Champion of Liberty’ Irish by birth, Continental by Education, and American by Choice Bourke   Cockran…   a   man   for   all   seasons…   the   Sligoman   who made   and   unmade American   Presidents   with   his   oratory,   inspiration and   political   thought.   is   the   forgotten   Irishman   –   and   almost   totally unknown in his native Sligo today. William   Bourke   Corkran,   (later   spelt   Cockran)   was   born   in Ballinacarrow,   Co.   Sligo   in   1854,   educated   in   Sligo   and   France before   immigrating   to   New   York   as   a   young   man   in   1871.      In   his day   he   was   one   of   the   most   famous   and   respected   people   on   the international   stage,   and   a   leading   figure   in   the   political   life   of   the US   from   the   1880s   to   the   Era   of   Prohibition.   He   was   a   six-term Congressman   to   the   US   House   of   Representatives,   a   key   player   in the   Democratic   Party,   a   prominent   lawyer   during America’s   ‘Gilded Age’,    an    internationally    renowned    statesman,    and    an    influential advocate of Irish Home Rule during the Redmond era. Cockran’s   contribution   towards   the   development   of   the   Irish Free    State    had    its    origins    in    his    enduring    belief    in    the    type    of ‘popular    sovereignty’    conceived    by    Jefferson    and    Lincoln    –    a government by the people, and for the people. His   love   of   liberty   and   justice   for   both   his   adopted   country   of America   and   the   land   of   his   birth,   Ireland,   helped   to   mould   the world   we   live   into   day.      Cockran’s   name   has   passed   out   of   the memory   of   his   fellow   Irishmen   over   the   nine   decades   since   his death   in   1923.   But   in America   his   name   is   rather   better   known,   and his   papers   in   the   New   York   public   library   are   amongst   them   most consulted of all their collections. Cockran,   despite   his   life-long   love   of,   and   work   on   behalf   of Ireland,   was   ultimately   an   American.   A   bright,   young,   well-to-do immigrant,   with   a   classical   education,   and   family   connections   in New   York,   he   rose   rapidly   through   the      American   legal   profession. Cockran   set   the   bar   for   a   new   style   of   oratory   and   is   still   considered one   of   the   most   eloquent,   persuasive   and   inspirational   speakers   to   ever grace   the   floor   of   the   US   Congress.   His   inspirational   style   of   oratory   has been   hugely   influential   over   the   last   century,   and   this   classically   inspired style is still used to day.